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50 vs $3 
Which costs you more?  A 50, 100 watt standard light bulb or,
a $3, 26 watt GE compact fluorescent bulb?
The 50 100 watt bulb costs you more, a lot more!
Here's Why:
A 26 watt fluorescent light bulb would cost you about $23 on your electric bill over its 8,000 hour life span, while the 100 watt light bulb would cost you about $88 over the same period. Yes, you would pay $2.50 more for the bulb, but you'll save $65 more in electricity. This is just one example of how much money the wrong light can really cost you and how much money the right light can save you.
The Math:
There is a very simple formula for calculating the cost of electricity, or in this case, lighting.  Multiply the wattage of your lamp by the hours burned by your electricity rate, then divide by 1,000.
(Watts Hours Kwh Rate) 1,000 = Annual Cost of Electricity
The Example Above:
100 watts  8,000 hours 11 1,000 = $88.00
26 watts
8,000 hours 11 1,000 = $22.88
Savings = $
The 26 watt compact fluorescent bulb will last 10 times longer.
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