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A few energy saving ideas

If you're currently using this, and you change to this, your annual energy savings will be, the product life will be, and the light levels will be
Product Photo

90 Watt Halogen

Product Photo

60 Watt Halogen-IR

$29 +500 Hours Same
Product Photo

4' T-12 Watt Saver

4' T-8 UltraMax System

$18 Same Same
Product Photo

100 Watt Std.

26 Watt CF

$30 10X Same
Product Photo

50 Watt MR16

Product Photo

37 Watt MR16-IR

$5 Same Same

30 Watt Incandescent


2 Watt LED

$27 +25 Years Same

These figures represent estimates.  Your savings may vary.

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